Cherie Currie

Suzi Q (Documentary Review)

Before Debbie Harry and Joan Jett, there was Suzi Quatro. Making her debut in 1973, she is one of the first women to make headway in the Rock genre. Singing, songwriting, bass playing and beyond, she has had a career spanning half a century. Ripe ... Read More

Cherie Currie – Blvds of Splendor (Album Review)

Beginning her Rock-n-Roll career very young, nearly nothing has been predictable for Cherie Currie. Famously recognized as the lead singer of legendary all-female band The Runaways, Currie zigged and zagged – acting in film, becoming a successful solo artist, but most importantly, finding herself. Like ... Read More

Interview – Cherie Currie

It is often said what does not kill you makes you stronger. Applying to this positive outlook on life, legendary rocker Cherie Currie has been through the fire and lived to tell the story. Beginning her career, while only fifteen years old, as the voice ... Read More