The Exorcism of God (Movie Review)

In 1973 The Exorcist did not invent the priest vs demon possession Horror flick, but it has certainly kept it going for nearly 50 years now. Its DNA can be seen in nearly each and every example of the genre since then. Especially if they ... Read More

Skillet – Dominion (Album Review)

Hard rockers and champions of invincible faith, Skillet recently delivered their eleventh full-length studio effort, Dominion, on Friday, January 14, 2022, thanks to Atlantic Records. While they are proudly victorious in all things music, they are also prolific. We last heard from the band back ... Read More

Sword of God (Movie Review)

Anyone in the mood for a Polish, Medieval Horror/Thriller? If so, Sword of God, aka The Mute, will be released on Friday, May 1st, 2020 via Film Movement’s Virtual Cinema through Reel Suspects. Interestingly enough, the film gained a few awards and nominations on the ... Read More

Skillet – Victorious (Album Review)

They’re invincible, undefeated, and now totally Victorious! Proud titans of Rock-n-Roll, Skillet deliver their tenth epic disc on Friday, August 2nd, 2019, thanks to Atlantic Records. If you love Rock-n-Roll, then you have no doubt heard the name Skillet. The multi-platinum, two-time Grammy Award nominated ... Read More