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Marry Me (Movie Review)

February means Valentines Day, and Valentines Day means love…unless one is in a place where Valentines is not a thing, or does not go for the whole holiday thing. But still, love is in the air, and that means cards, flowers, and Romcoms. Which is ... Read More

Spider-Man: No Way Home (Movie Review)

Remember when Spider-Man: No Way Home nearly got left on the drawing board? That was a weird few weeks. Turns out the deal Disney and Sony had to produce Spider-Man films together ran out, meaning the two companies would have left their MCU Spider-Man on ... Read More

Random Acts of Violence (Movie Review)

Having bounced around the festival circuit since appearing at Fantastic Fest in 2019, Random Acts of Violence finds a larger audience on August 20, 2020 thanks to Shudder.  The film sounds like it does what it says on the tin, but what is it really ... Read More