Spider-Man: No Way Home (Movie Review)

Remember when Spider-Man: No Way Home nearly got left on the drawing board? That was a weird few weeks. Turns out the deal Disney and Sony had to produce Spider-Man films together ran out, meaning the two companies would have left their MCU Spider-Man on ... Read More

Interview – Brea Grant

An actress, writer, and director always aiming to follow her own path, Brea Grant has the heart of a true artist. In the film industry for nearly 15 years now, Grant has starred in some of the biggest television series, including NBC’s Friday Night Lights ... Read More

Artik (Movie Review)

Tom Botchi made his name directing short films like the award-winning 11 Minutes from 2014. Now he is making his feature-length debut with Artik, a film he has been quite hands-on with. On top of directing, he is also credited as producer, writer, and editor ... Read More

Power of Grayskull (Documentary Review)

The He-Man franchise has gone through many ups and downs since its inception. It had its peaks, like the classic 1980’s cartoon, and troughs like the 1987 Masters of the Universe film. There were spin-offs like She-Ra: Princess of Power, and a reboot to that ... Read More

Venom (Movie Review)

Just when it seemed that the superhero film genre is a well that has constantly been tapped and run dry, Sony Pictures sucks you right back in with the release of Venom on Friday, October 5, 2018.  The first film in Sony’s Marvel Universe, not connected ... Read More

Blade – Celebrating 20 Years of Night

In recent times, 2018’s Black Panther has become the highest-earning solo-starring superhero film of all-time worldwide. It has only been topped by the 3 Avengers films within the superhero subgenre, and is overall the 9th highest-grossing film ever. Not bad work for a film about a hero-of-color. ... Read More