Agent Game (Movie Review)

The past year has been a busy time for Spy Thrillers. If one did not catch James Bond in No Time to Die, or Michael B. Jordan in Without Remorse, they could catch Chris Pine in The Contractor. Joining their ranks is Agent Game– a ... Read More

The Batman (Movie Review)

People thought the trilogy of Christopher Nolan Batman films would be hard to top, especially 2008’s The Dark Knight. For a while they would have been right, as 2016’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice fell short of expectations, and 2018’s Justice League was enough ... Read More

Blacklight (Movie Review)

Who would have thought Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List 1993, Taken 2008) would take Bruce Willis’ place as the everyman action hero? The one with acting chops to go with the physical ones to elevate otherwise ho-hum Action flicks. Willis is now a few steps away ... Read More

Without Remorse (Movie Review)

Almost 30 years after its release, the Tom Clancy novel Without Remorse finally gets adapted for the big screen…kind of. The likes of Keanu Reeves and Tom Hardy had been attached to the project over the years, but in 2018 Paramount Studios put Michael B. ... Read More

Elvis From Outer Space (Movie Review)

In 1977, people could hardly believe that Elvis Presley had died. Some people today still cannot believe it and think he is living as an old man somewhere, likely next door to Lord Lucan and Glenn Miller. Or he is saving humanity from ancient Egyptian ... Read More