Nosferatu: A Century of Horror

Some concepts are older than they seem. ‘Breaking the 4th wall’ is considered a television term, yet authors as old as Shakespeare, Cervantes and Chaucer have used that concept in their work. Likewise, obscure knock-off films have gained notoriety as being, say, the ‘Turkish Star ... Read More

Battle Royale – The 20 Year Reign

Generational divides have likely been a thing since the Stone Age, though it has seemed particularly pronounced in the past decade or so. Boomers complaining about millennials, millennials complaining about boomers, boomers confusing zoomers for millennials, and Gen Xers wondering why their grandkids are called ... Read More

Little Joe (Movie Review)

How exactly does one define happiness? Exploring the business of joy, the Sci-Fi/Drama Little Joe arrives to select U.S. theaters on Friday, December 6th, 2019, thanks to Magnolia Pictures. At Planthouse, a cutting-edge biotech corporation, workaholic scientist Alice (Emily Beecham: Hail, Caesar! 2016, Daphne 2017) ... Read More

Open Wound (Movie Review)

It’s a Matryoshka world where plots are compounded with ideas embedded inside twists that are dependent upon turns. Enter Open Wound, a brand-new offering from Wild Eye Raw & Extreme that arrives to DVD on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. We open on a woman (Leila ... Read More