Interview – Tashiana Washington

No matter the place and time we exist, some of us just bare an old soul. Arguably the case with Tashiana Washington, the rising film star possesses a wisdom that extends far beyond her years. Already having had roles in a variety of films over ... Read More

Critters Attack! (Movie Review)

It is said that everything is cyclical: fashion, music, and movies, what once was, will be again. Certainly the case in the world of Horror/Sci-Fi cinema, you do not need to look much further than the scorching hot popularity of retro-styled Netflix series Stranger Things ... Read More

Critters – Still Hungry After 30 Years

Back on April 11, 1986, Critters, starring Dee Wallace (The Howling 1981, Cujo 1983), M. Emmit Walsh (Blade Runner 1982, Blood Simple 1984), Scott Grimes (Critters 2 1988, E.R. TV series), Billy Green Bush (Five Easy Pieces 1970, The Hitcher 1986), Nadine Van der Velde (Private School 1983, Munchies 1987), Don Keith Opper (Critters 2 1988, Critters 3 1991), Terrence Mann (Critters 2 1988, Critters 3 1991), ... Read More

Interview – Dee Wallace

Inspiration comes in a variety of different forms and for each individual that inspiration is different. For actress Dee Wallace, her burning desire for success in film took off for her during the late 1970s and 1980s. Always drawn to theatrical arts, her roles in ... Read More