Danko Jones

Danko Jones – Power Trio (Album Review)

Don’t look now, but Canada’s Danko Jones have 25 years of history in Rock-n-Roll under their belt. An impressive feat for any artist, the diverse Rock band celebrate their anniversary with their highly anticipated new album Power Trio out on Friday, August 27, 2021 via ... Read More

Danko Jones – Wild Cat (Album Review)

One of modern Rock-n-Roll’s most consistent forces, Canada’s Danko Jones has been plugging away for over two decades now. Paving their own path, the band has dished out some of the highest quality Hard Rock over that time including 2003’s We Sweat Blood all the ... Read More

Marty Friedman – Inferno (Album Review)

Only one metal guitarist can leave one country, become a household name in other country, and still be sought after in the original country eleven years later. Marty Friedman is that metal guitarist. Residing in Japan since 2003, Friedman is known for the formation of Cacophony in 1986 with ... Read More