Dark Comedy

Lousy Carter / Magnolia Pictures (2024)

Lousy Carter (Movie Review)

When faced with their imminent demise, most people would probably be pretty upset. However, when Lousy Carter learns that he is terminally ill, his reaction is rather more pragmatic and blasé. As a professor of literature, he teaches a graduate seminar on The Great Gatsby ... Read More
Cobweb movie poster

Cobweb (Movie Review)

What do 1997’s Perfect Blue and 2000’s Scream 3 have in common? Simple – they feature a film within a film; which is a particular way in which a story is told by having one film within another.  While some view this as a fourth wall breaking concept, ... Read More

Susie Searches (Movie Review)

True crime shows and podcasts are incredibly popular nowadays. Many people have a morbid curiosity for the disturbing stories and accounts that true crime tells, however, how many people have ever stopped to wonder about those individuals that report on these grisly go-ons? Released in ... Read More

House of Darkness (Movie Review)

Originally published in 1981, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark started a franchise. Aside from the self-titled movies or television shows it spawned, since the time of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, there have also been several other movies that have used a ... Read More