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Project Z movie art

Project Z (Movie Review)

Writer and Director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (An Affair 2018, Munch 2023) gives audiences a sneak peek into the trials and tribulations of making a film in Project Z (Prosjekt Z). As if filmmaking was not already testing enough, what with egos to handle, budgetary concerns and technical ... Read More

Mascarpone (Movie Review)

Like the titular cheese, Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment is bringing audiences a little treat from Italy. Mascarpone is a romcom by directors Alessandro Guida (Pupone 2019, Ritoccàti series) and Matteo Pilati (The Italian Jobs 2017, De Cataldo presenta Maigret 2018), who also wrote ... Read More

Dementer (Movie Review)

History is full of those who have made deals with the devil and changed their minds…always with negative results. The latest film to tackle this concept comes to us in the form of Dementer, which arrived on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 to On Demand thanks ... Read More

Koko-di Koko-da (Movie Review)

A white cat and a music box, a sideshow artist and his shady entourage, and a tragedy that splits a couple’s world apart. These oddly juxtaposed elements come together to formulate the new Fantasy Horror offering Koko-di Koko-da, a Shudder Exclusive that begins streaming on ... Read More

Happy Face (Movie Review)

There is a popular saying that you should always be kind to everyone you meet as you never know what they are going through. It looks pretty as a motivational meme on social media, though very few people actually live by this standard. So what ... Read More

Range Runners (Movie Review)

In any situation, perseverance is the key to overcoming almost all obstacles. One fiercely dedicated long-distance runner is already well aware of this fact, and she uses it to her advantage in Range Runners. Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment deliver the Survival Thriller to ... Read More