Dark Wave

HOST - IX album artwork

HOST – IX (Album Review)

Founding fathers of what is called the Gothic Metal sound, Paradise Lost are perhaps one of the most underappreciated bands in all of Metal music. Originally a Doom Metal with Death Metal elements early on, by the early ‘90s they were already morphing into what ... Read More

Pale Waves – Unwanted (Album Review)

Another contemporary band, Pale Waves was formed in 2014. Turning heads since releasing a couple of albums and EPs, the Manchester, England based band currently consists of Heather Baron-Gracie (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Clara Doran (drums, keyboards, synthesizers), Hugo Silvani (lead guitar, keyboards), and ... Read More

Austra – HiRUDiN (Album Review)

In terms of bloodsucking leeches and parasites, those most often thought of are the small, creepy crawlies we often avoid. However, there are many that come in human form as well. For Canadian Electronic act Austra, masterminded by Katie Stelmanis, HiRUDiN is a chance to ... Read More

Laibach – The Sound Of Music (Album Review)

There is a fine line between musical artistic expression depicted through usage of political propaganda or exposed agendas, and political agendas dominating the art into such a way that the music is long since forgotten. Then there are unique representations of all of the above ... Read More