David Leitch

Nobody (Movie Review)

Bob Odenkirk is probably one of the last actors one would imagine as an action hero. That’s not taking anything away from his talents, either. He was very successful in Comedy, and showed off his drama chops in acclaimed TV shows, but he’s not a ... Read More

Blood, Sweat and Terrors (Movie Review)

A week after the Halloween celebration, Blood, Sweat and Terrors is due out Tuesday, November 6, 2018 through RLJE Films on DVD, VOD and digital platforms. Though, it is not strictly one long film. It is 9 action shorts, each handled by a different director ... Read More

Atomic Blonde (Movie Review)

“Where the f*ck are you,” demands MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton after she had been ambushed in her escort. Her contact, agent David Percival catches up to her, and almost gets shot for his troubles, saying, “Don’t shoot, I’ve got your shoe!” Such is the introduction ... Read More