David S. Goyer

Hellraiser (Movie Review)

Out of all the famous franchises in Horror, Hellraiser has probably had the roughest run out of them all. The first two films are considered classics, but debatably, even those were not very well directed and are a bit rough around the edges. The sequels ... Read More

Blade – Celebrating 20 Years of Night

In recent times, 2018’s Black Panther has become the highest-earning solo-starring superhero film of all-time worldwide. It has only been topped by the 3 Avengers films within the superhero subgenre, and is overall the 9th highest-grossing film ever. Not bad work for a film about a hero-of-color. ... Read More

The Forest (Movie Review)

Nothing is more thrilling for Horror fans to see before a film is the words “Based on True Events;” it compels the feeling of a deeper sense. It gives a sense of surreal reality and the chance that maybe, there actually might be things that ... Read More