Dead End

Lights – Dead End (Album Review)

Should we deem her Dance Pop, Electropop, Alt Pop, Synthpop, or something else entirely? Ah, these pesky categorizations! Well, we don’t exactly know where to place her, and, frankly, nor do we care. Canadian tour de force Lights is a talented singer-songwriter, guitarist, author, and ... Read More

Drifter (Movie Review)

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland known as the American Southwest, all live in fear and survival is a special kind of hell. Get behind the wheel for a ninety-minute acid trip through the dirty desert: Drifter arrives care of Green Star Films on VOD on February ... Read More

Dead End (Movie Review)

Killer movies are a dime a dozen nowadays, and as a result, it is hard for any new offering to stand out in an ever so revolving Horror film genre. Although, Dead End is one that makes its mark in the industry. Produced by newcomer Mariam ... Read More