Debbie Harry

Suzi Q (Documentary Review)

Before Debbie Harry and Joan Jett, there was Suzi Quatro. Making her debut in 1973, she is one of the first women to make headway in the Rock genre. Singing, songwriting, bass playing and beyond, she has had a career spanning half a century. Ripe ... Read More

Interview – Chris Stein of Blondie

During the late 1970s, New York City was a gritty metropolis where the streets were edgy and dangerous. It was not necessarily the safest place to be, but it certainly was a fascinating time in history, and as a result, the city’s personality birthed an ... Read More

Bad Reputation (Documentary Review)

There does not seem to be many women in Rock. Or, rather, they do not seem to get as much attention as their male counterparts. People may know AC/DC or Iron Maiden off the top of their heads, but their female or female-fronted band knowledge ... Read More

Diamante – Coming In Hot (Album Review)

Every now and then, a recording artist emerges who makes people stop and say, “Oh my God, this changes everything!” For 21 year-old Diamante, her young career in the music business has already seen this gutsy, talented, sassy, and runway model hot Rock singer develop ... Read More

Videodrome – 35 Years Of The New Flesh…

When pornography is not enough, naturally, one turns to hardcore violence. When that is not enough, one seeks out Videodrome, starring James Woods (Cat’s Eye 1985, Vampires 1998), Blondie’s own Debbie Harry (Hairspray 1988, Tales From the Darkside 1990), Leslie Carlson (The Dead Zone 1983, The Fly 1986), ... Read More