The Exorcism of God (Movie Review)

In 1973 The Exorcist did not invent the priest vs demon possession Horror flick, but it has certainly kept it going for nearly 50 years now. Its DNA can be seen in nearly each and every example of the genre since then. Especially if they ... Read More

The Djinn (Movie Review)

This is no genie in a bottle, baby! The brand new Horror offering The Djinn arrived to select theaters, as well as Digital/VOD, on May 14, 2021 thanks to IFC Midnight. Written and directed by talented best friends David Charbonier and Justin Powell, the men ... Read More

The Vigil (Movie Review)

From the studio that brought you 2014’s The Babadook and 2020’s Relic comes a new Supernatural Horror experience entitled The Vigil, and it arrives in select theatres, as well as to Digital and VOD, beginning Friday, February 26, 2021 thanks to IFC Midnight and Blumhouse ... Read More

Beyond Hell (Movie Review)

Six friends mess with the wrong drug and end up trapped inside a hellacious nightmare in the new film Beyond Hell. Indican Pictures delivers the Supernatural Thriller to Digital HD/On Demand on December 15, 2020 via Apple TV, Google Play, Prime Video, FandangoNOW and more…plus ... Read More

Playhouse (Movie Review)

Spoiler alert: when a tortured artist attempts to escape the darkness and turmoil of a ruined relationship by way of a haunted castle, nothing goes according to plan. It’s home sweet hell in Playhouse, which arrives to Digital/VOD in the US and Canada on Tuesday, ... Read More