Denis O’hare

Swallow (Movie Review)

How much have you had to bite back to fake a smile? In the genre-bending, feminist flick Swallow, one young woman is forced to fight for her happiness. IFC Films delivers the masterful Psychological Thriller to select theaters, as well as Digital and VOD, on ... Read More

Lizzie (Movie Review)

What makes a better Horror story than cold blooded murder? How about an unsolved real life mysterious tale of a double murder sprinkled into a forbidden love challenge bombarded with uncomfortable situations of a sexual nature? That is just the tip of the iceberg when ... Read More

The Pyramid (Movie Review)

The mummy was once a favorite creature in horror movies, but over the years its popularity has diminished. However, 20th Century Fox’s December 2014 Horror release, The Pyramid, has brought mummies back. Written by Daniel Meersand (The 7th Claus, 2008; Removal, 2010) and Nick Simon (Cold Comes ... Read More