Vandenberg - Sin art

Vandenberg – Sin (Album Review)

Back in the ‘80s, Guitar Rock was king… and there was plenty of great music to go around. A time when when there were so many talented guitarists around the globe, this included Ratt’s Warren Demartini, Dokken’s George Lynch, and of course, Eddie Van Halen. ... Read More
Myrkur - Spine art

Myrkur – Spine (Album Review)

Scandinavian mythology unified with Folk and Black Metal have been around for decades, coexisting peacefully despite the obvious differences in ultimate expression. In more recent renditions of these genres, musical artists have mixed and mingled with the guttural verses the serene. In 2014, the beginning ... Read More

Speak No Evil (Movie Review)

Shudder is the premiere streaming service for Horror lovers. From classic older Horror films to Shudder’s original content, their latest film comes in the form of Speak No Evil. Released exclusively via Shudder on September 15, 2022, and directed by Christian Tafdrup (Parents 2016, A Horrible ... Read More