The Silencing (Movie Review)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau helms a talented cast that features Annabelle Wallis and Hero Fiennes Tiffin in The Silencing, which was initially released exclusively to DirecTV on July 16, 2020. For the rest of us, Saban Films is offering up the film in select theaters, as well ... Read More

Dark Crimes (Movie Review)

Descending down a sexually depraved rabbit hole can take its toll on any normal person, but what if, while down there, enticing temptations of the flesh awaken hidden desires to explore uncharted sexual territories that may cross over into paraphilic provinces? Paraphilia is the term ... Read More

Shot Caller (Movie Review)

The United States prison industry is among the most successful and openly corrupt entities in our modern world. It does not care how loud you scream your innocence. That is irrelevant. Their profits come from staying full and they achieve this by bending the rules ... Read More