Dora Madison

Alone With You (Movie Review)

Being isolated in your own home as events spiral out of control around you has taken on a whole new meaning and relevance in our post-pandemic world.  Released on February 4th in theaters and On Demand February 8, 2022, Alone With You is not a ... Read More

VFW (Movie Review)

What happens when 1976’s Assault on Precinct 13 and 1987’s Street Trash have a love child? You get something along the lines of VFW, the newest chapter in Joe Begos’ filmography set for release in theaters, On Demand, and Digital HD on Valentine’s Day, Friday, ... Read More

Bliss (Movie Review)

When a film begins with seizure induced kinetic opening titles with the song “Revolt” by The Nymphs, best known for being used in 1992’s underrated sequel Pet Sematary Two… then rest assured you have a fanboy picture on your hands. With his previous films, 2013’s ... Read More

The Honor Farm (Movie Review)

On the night of senior prom, two girls climb into a hearse and head into the woods to seek freedom. If you dare to follow in their footsteps, venture to The Honor Farm, a new Thriller from Gravitas Ventures, which was released to VOD on October ... Read More