Bastille – Give Me the Future (Album Review)

The heroics and villainy of technology, dystopia, and the warring factions of reality and surreality. Blurring the lines between reality and virtual insanity, the Brit pop-rockers in Bastille pay homage to our troubled times with their fourth full-length, Give Me the Future, which arrived Friday, ... Read More

The Wanting Mare (Movie Review)

A dream of the past haunts the women of one family in Nicholas Ashe Bateman’s The Wanting Mare, which opens in select theaters, as well as arriving to VOD, on Friday, February 5th, thanks to Gravitas Ventures. The film marks the feature-length debut of its ... Read More

Weird Science – 35 Years of Fantasy

Written and directed by John Hughes, Weird Science did quite well when released on August 2nd in 1985 by Universal Pictures. Though it is overshadowed by Hughes’ other works, like The Breakfast Club (released in June of the same year) and 1986’s Ferris Bueller’s Day ... Read More

She’s Allergic to Cats (Movie Review)

Looking for something interesting? Look no further than She’s Allergic to Cats, a surrealist Comedy from Writer/Director Michael Reich (Cats 2012, Video Town 2013) set for release on VOD Tuesday, April 7th via Giant Pictures. Initially cropped up at film festivals like Fantasia International and ... Read More