The Defiants - Drive art

The Defiants – Drive (Album Review)

Everyone loves the classic lineups of their favorite bands, but there are also instances where other formations of these bands also strike your fancy. One instance of this is Danger Danger. Remembered for their success in the late ‘80s, Danger Danger struck the Hard Rock ... Read More

The 69 Eyes – Drive (EP Review)

True to their lore, Helsinki’s own vampires, The 69 Eyes, never seem to ever grow old…and most certainly never get tired of making music. Seemingly always on the road or in the studio, they are back yet again with their new EP Drive.  Coming after twelve ... Read More

Tankhouse (Movie Review)

From director Noam Tomaschoff (Nerve 2016, Wolf 2017), who also wrote the script alongside Chelsea Frei (The Addams Family 2019, The Moodys series), comes Tankhouse, a film all about small-town underdogs triumphing over big city theatrical elitists. Or trying to, at any rate. Tucker Charlemagne ... Read More