Caliban – Dystopia (Album Review)

Germany’s Caliban have made an impressive impact on the Metal world with a career spanning well over two decades now. Consistently releasing new material through the years, starting in 1998 with self-titled EP via Lifeforce Records, some might even argue Caliban inspired the the Metalcore ... Read More

Bastille – Give Me the Future (Album Review)

The heroics and villainy of technology, dystopia, and the warring factions of reality and surreality. Blurring the lines between reality and virtual insanity, the Brit pop-rockers in Bastille pay homage to our troubled times with their fourth full-length, Give Me the Future, which arrived Friday, ... Read More

In Hearts Wake – Kaliyuga (Album Review)

“Ancients from different cultures spoke of Four Ages of Humanity. The Hindu ancients called the Age we are in right now, ‘Kaliyuga’—a time when negativity such as discord, greed, materialism, and fear create strife and imbalance for life on earth,” explains In Hearts Wake frontman ... Read More

Brown Girl Begins (Movie Review)

Gravitas Ventures brings everyone a curious Christmas present this December 25th with Brown Girl Begins coming to DVD and Blu-Ray. A prequel to Brown Girl in the Ring, that is the Nalo Hopkinson novel published by Warner Aspect in 1998, not the 1979 Boney M song, Sharon ... Read More