Emmy nominee

Interview – Joanna Cassidy

There are certain mysteries in life that simply have no explanation. Factors that can leave some feeling uneasy, for others, the unknown is part of the symptom of being human. Naturally curious, Joanna Cassidy would find herself pursuing an acting career some fifty years ago. ... Read More

Interview – Veronica Cartwright

In film and television sixty years, British-born American Actress Veronica Cartwright has built an impressive, award-winning career. Starring in the iconic 1979 film Alien, as Joan Lambert, she also lit up screens in 1978 with Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1983’s The Right Stuff, earned ... Read More

Them That Follow (Movie Review)

We all have our sins, but what happens when faith, family, and friendships are all invariably intertwined? Explore a world of secrets in Them That Follow, a new Thriller that arrives to DVD on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 thanks to Lionsgate. In the woods of ... Read More