Enslaved – Heimdal (Album Review)

The wheels of creation keep turning for Bergen, Norway’s eclectic purveyors of Extreme Metal, the ever-evolving Enslaved. Released back on March 3, 2023 through Nuclear Blast, album number sixteen, Heimdal, continues a legacy growing since 1991 with its gnarled roots embedded in the old school Black ... Read More

Audrey Horne – Blackout (Album Review)

Founded in 2002, the quintet known as Audrey Horne make an exciting return on Friday, January 12, 2018 with their sixth studio album, Blackout, thanks to Napalm Records. Coming from Bergen, Norway, a town musically known for Death Metal, Audrey Horne have always shunned the conventional and ... Read More

Enslaved – E (Album Review)

According to weather authorities, the Norwegian mountain town of Bergen receives about 89″ of rainfall per year. Since 1991, another atmospheric anomaly has occurred there, one whose effects have been felt the world over. These are what is known as Enslaved albums. Perhaps not as ... Read More