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Lucky (Movie Review)

What if you could never find safety, even inside your own home? Placing a fresh new spin on the home invasion flick, a timely new Shudder Original entitled Lucky arrives on Thursday, March 4, 2021 thanks to Epic Pictures and Dread. Written by the multi-talented ... Read More

Sacrifice (Movie Review)

H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Horror has quickly become a bloated sub-genre in recent years, and, as it has, more pressure is on newer films to stand out. Opening in select theaters on February 5th, On Demand on February 9th, and Blu-ray on February 23rd via Dread/Epic Pictures, ... Read More

Automation (Movie Review)

Technology only lasts for so long before it is made obsolete. Nintendo 64 games do not look as hot now as they did in 1999. VHS tapes are grungy and murky compared to DVDs, Blu-Ray, and streaming services. While word processors, let alone computers and ... Read More

The Fare (Movie Review)

From D.C. Hamilton, whose specs include shows like Friday Night Lights, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and his directorial debut The Midnight Man, comes his sophomore feature, The Fare, which is available on Blu-ray as well as Digital HD on Tuesday, November 19th via Epic ... Read More

Harpoon (Movie Review)

Good friends are hard to find. So when three close pals set sail in Rob Grant’s award-winning feature film Harpoon, their three hour tour is guaranteed to be smooth cruising, right? Epic Pictures and DREAD deliver the madness to select theaters October 3rd before unleashing ... Read More