Extreme 2023 album Six art

Extreme – Six (Album Review)

One of the more recognized bands from the mid-80s era of Rock, Extreme has a lot going for them. Standing out, many of course remember Extreme 1990’s Extreme II: Pornograffitti album which featured the mega hit “More Than Words.” A song that is the quintessential power ballad, oddly ... Read More

Weed Wolf (Movie Review)

Initially released back in 2011 and directed by Calvin Hall (Bloody Scum 2015), Weedwolf, aka Weed Wolf, more recently found its way to DVD on September 25, 2018 thanks to via Wild Eye Raw and Extreme. A Horror Comedy, it follows E. Lee Smith (Exhumation 2013, ... Read More

All Strippers Must Die! (Movie Review)

Indie filmmaking is the backbone of the cinema industry. It is a place filmmakers can take ideas Hollywood would more than likely never touch and have free range to create at will. Sometimes producing gems, and many times producing less than watchable material, but you ... Read More