Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (Movie Review)

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon has been around the film festival circuit since 2021. Winning three awards at the Venice Film Festival alone, now, thanks to Saban Films and Paramount Pictures, the film will reach US theaters, digital platforms and On Demand services on ... Read More

Baby Assassins (Movie Review)

Had enough of streaming services? Too bad, here is another one! HI-YAH! is a new one devoted to martial arts films. The new Action Comedy Baby Assassins will debut exclusively on the service on July 22, 2022. Anyone not on the service will have to ... Read More

The Royal (Movie Review)

Released by Samuel Goldwyn Films digitally and for a limitedly theatrically run on July 15th, 2022 comes The Royal. Despite the name, the film has nothing to do with 2006’s The Queen, or the prequel Netflix series The Crown. This Royal, directed by Marcel Sarmiento ... Read More

Hostile Territory (Movie Review)

Fancy a post-Civil War family drama set in the Wild West with plenty of action? Well, that is what is on offer either way with Hostile Territory. Formerly known as The Orphan Train, the film is due to have a limited cinema run on April ... Read More

Hunter Hunter (Movie Review)

If you want to snag the wolf, you’ve got to out-wolf him. Apropos of its title, it’s a game of predator versus predator in the new Thriller Hunter Hunter, which arrived to select theaters, as well as Digital and On Demand, on Friday, December 18, ... Read More

Home Alone Celebrates 30 Years

From a mother’s panicked shriek of “KEVIN!” to “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal,” we can all offer up a slew of quotes from the 1990 classic Home Alone. In the weeks leading up to its release, the box office had been owned by the likes ... Read More