Fantasia Film Festival

Hunted (Movie Review)

The award-winning Vincent Paronnaud has accomplished a great deal in his career. Making his way as a French comic book artist/writer, in the film world, he is perhaps best known for the critically acclaimed 2007 animated film Persepolis. Turning heads again with films like 2011’s ... Read More

#ShakespearesShitstorm (Movie Review)

Sometimes, all it takes for a medium or writer’s reputation to grow is age. For example, Shakespeare today is considered to be the greatest English playwright. Whereas in his lifetime and up to a century after his death, he was considered too common, bawdy, and ... Read More

Tilt (Movie Review)

A bleak tale inspired by the endless pursuit of the American Dream, and originally released in the USA in 2018, Psychological Thriller Tilt arrived to download across all major digital platforms in the UK on November 25th, 2019, thanks to The Movie Partnership. In Los ... Read More

Pledge (Movie Review)

Great men don’t have a breaking point — or so says one truly exclusive fraternity who are guaranteed to go to extremes. If you can stomach the heinous reality, enter the dark, seedy underbelly of Pledge, which arrives to select theaters and VOD on Friday, ... Read More