I Am Lisa (Movie Review)

She is not a monster, she is simply a young woman who has been wronged. Kristen Vaganos stars in the female-driven revenge flick I Am Lisa, which initially premiered at FrightFest in August 2020 before receiving a limited digital release in October via the Laemmle ... Read More

Stalked (Movie Review)

There is no way out for one very fierce woman in the Action-Thriller offering Stalked. Uncork’d Entertainment deliver the female-driven fight to Digital and DVD on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. Fiercely athletic new mom Sam (Rebecca Rogers: The Rebel, the Soldier and the Outcast short ... Read More

Rust Creek (Movie Review)

When a faulty GPS sends a young woman into the backroads of Kentucky, her unfortunate luck becomes a fight for survival in the brand-new IFC Midnight offering Rust Creek, a Drama/Thriller that arrives to select theaters on Friday, January 4, 2019. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and ... Read More