Feminist Thriller

At Night Comes Wolves (Movie Review)

An unnerving tale of sexism and misogyny, At Night Comes Wolves arrives to Digital, as well as cable/satellite platforms, beginning Tuesday, April 20, 2021 thanks to Gravitas Ventures. Written, directed and produced by Thomas “T.J.” Marine (Paris, My Love short 2015, Object in Reality short ... Read More

Lucky (Movie Review)

What if you could never find safety, even inside your own home? Placing a fresh new spin on the home invasion flick, a timely new Shudder Original entitled Lucky arrives on Thursday, March 4, 2021 thanks to Epic Pictures and Dread. Written by the multi-talented ... Read More

The Bellwether (Movie Review)

#SmashthePatriarchy. #EverydaySexism. These are hot topics of debate in 2019, a time when our society is finally beginning to open its once blind coffers to dialogue about the advancement of women. Into this world comes The Bellwether, a Feminist Thriller that unravels a lengthy soliloquy ... Read More