Lucky (Movie Review)

What if you could never find safety, even inside your own home? Placing a fresh new spin on the home invasion flick, a timely new Shudder Original entitled Lucky arrives on Thursday, March 4, 2021 thanks to Epic Pictures and Dread. Written by the multi-talented ... Read More

Don’t Click (Movie Review)

Naughty schoolgirls or feet, we all have a ‘thing’. But what happens when a little kink crosses the line into life and death? Exploring this eerie idea, the Horror-Thriller Don’t Click arrives to select theaters and On Demand as of Friday, December 11, 2020 thanks ... Read More

She Is The Ocean (Documentary Review)

We live in unprecedented times. Within a generation the world has changed for women, and more and more people are realizing the responsibility of the stewardship of our planet – a planet called “the blue planet” because its surface is covered with 71 percent water. ... Read More

Interview – Kiirstin Marilyn

Some of us are content to sit idle, observing but rarely doing. Others of us continually strive to be the impetus for change—so much so that it inspires and drives us, and boldly creeps into our work. The multi-talented singer-songwriter, producer, actress, writer, and activist ... Read More

Swallow (Movie Review)

How much have you had to bite back to fake a smile? In the genre-bending, feminist flick Swallow, one young woman is forced to fight for her happiness. IFC Films delivers the masterful Psychological Thriller to select theaters, as well as Digital and VOD, on ... Read More