festival film

Mind Over Matter (Documentary Review)

“Music is the most powerful, unexplainable force on earth.” So begins the inspiring Mind Over Matter, which has already won a slew of awards for itself on the festival circuit. The brand-new Documentary arrives to major digital platforms on Friday, January 25, 2019, thanks to ... Read More

Pledge (Movie Review)

Great men don’t have a breaking point — or so says one truly exclusive fraternity who are guaranteed to go to extremes. If you can stomach the heinous reality, enter the dark, seedy underbelly of Pledge, which arrives to select theaters and VOD on Friday, ... Read More

Lifechanger (Movie Review)

What if true love had to take a back burner to your own survival, but her beautiful ghostly essence plagued your entire being? Such is the tale of the brand-new Canadian Horror offering Lifechanger, which, after its 2018 successes on the film circuit, arrives to ... Read More

Sargad (Movie Review)

When a family’s sadness is turned into a violent episode, one young woman will take the power back in order to avenge some serious wrongs in the brand-new Swedish Horror/Thriller, Sargad, which travelled the festival circuit and arrived on DVD in North America on Tuesday, ... Read More