Film Director

Interview – Robert Kurtzman

All too often we only see what is in front of us and neglect to see the work behind the scenes of a film. Sure, it all looks great on the screen… but what about the work behind the scenes? A highly accomplished special effects ... Read More

Interview – Mary Harron

A highly regarded filmmaker and screenwriter, Mary Harron is a name in the industry most should recognize. Beginning her exploration into the world of entertainment as a music journalist, becoming the first journalist to interview the Sex Pistols for an American publication, Harron soon took ... Read More

Interview – Deon Taylor

Never let fear guide you, sometimes a step into the unknown is necessary to make dreams come true. A professional basketball player, Deon Taylor took that very leap into darkness when he stepped away from a successful career in order to pursue a passion for ... Read More

Interview – Blake Reigle

In today’s world of film, one must be able to wear many hats. Filmmakers must also possess a resilient spirit and be able to pick up the pieces when one project fails to gain momentum. Instead, they switch their creative juices toward the future, which ... Read More