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Broken Ghost (Movie Review)

Can we ever truly begin again or do we carry our ghosts with us wherever we go? In the brand-new coming-of-age story, Broken Ghost, one young woman and her family will try to leave the past far behind— but have they merely replaced their secrets ... Read More

Blood Bound (Movie Review)

What is to become of your fate when you are a member of a family ruled by darkness? From Film Mode Entertainment and the director of 2017’s Dementia 13 comes Blood Bound, a brand-new entry into Supernatural Horror that arrives to VOD on Tuesday, January 15, ... Read More

Mad Genius (Movie Review)

Humans are deeply flawed beings. Some accept this as fact and simply live the best they can, while others become obsessed with finding a way to fix humanity for the better. Mix that drive with technology and the result is Mad Genius, available on VOD ... Read More