Interview – Chuck Russell

When you are good at something people tend to like to keep you boxed in that corner. Take Chuck Russell for example, a filmmaker who first made his way as producer on Horror films such as 1980’s The Hearse and 1981’s Hell Night. From there ... Read More

Interview – Andréa Winter

Fiercely talented, Andréa Winter is a one-woman tour de force: actress, screenwriter, producer, composer, and the mastermind behind the Electro-Pop music of Baby Yaga. With an acting resume that spans the past seven years, multiple singles to her credit, and a passion for creativity, Winter ... Read More

Interview – Tom Green

Perhaps some of the most unique, and often most bizarre, brands of comedy produced over the last two decades comes from the mind of Tom Green. Drawn into the world of entertainment at a young age, Green would take a chance on following his dreams, ... Read More