Folk Horror

Unwelcome (Movie Review)

Folk Horror has seen a substantial resurgence in recent years, perhaps becoming the most popular sub-genre across all Horror mediums. One of the aspects that keeps it going is the vast array of cultural stories from all over the world, most of which contain creatures ... Read More

The Feast (Movie Review)

The tension is ripe long before the flawless first course is set atop a mismatched table in The Feast, a sumptuous new Folk Horror offering that arrives in select theaters, as well as to VOD and On Demand, beginning Friday, November 19, 2021 thanks to ... Read More

The Pond (Movie Review)

What if there is more to the world than what can be perceived by our human senses? In the new Folk Horror/Esoteric Thriller offering The Pond, one man’s research presents a riddle that seemingly only he can solve. Shout Factory, the combined forces of Shout! ... Read More