Duff McKagan - Lighthouse album artwork

Duff McKagan – Lighthouse (Album Review)

Arguably one of the most fascinating musicians in modern Rock-n-Roll, Duff McKagan has many stories to tell. Famously known as Guns N’ Roses’ bassist, McKagan has a depth that runs much further and deeper than some may know.  Briefly looking back, McKagan began his musical journey in ... Read More

Starfish (Movie Review)

What if a mixtape could save the world? In the instance of the brand-new Cosmic Horror offering Starfish, a series of cassette tapes (remember those?) might just hold the key to saving our world as we know it. Presented by Yellow Veil Pictures and The ... Read More

Purgatory Road (Movie Review)

Many people can pinpoint one pivotal event in their lives that dictated the path they are currently on. For the fortunate, those events are positive, and a life of happiness follows. The unfortunate ones, though, can become haunted by the event that might have only ... Read More