Biosphere (Movie Review)

What happens when the last two people responsible for saving what’s left of humanity cannot agree over what the deal is with the Mario Bros.? They get Biosphere, a comedy drama with an apocalyptic twist. After nearly all human life is wiped out, the only ... Read More

Rent-A-Pal (Movie Review)

A lonely bachelor is about to learn that friendship is full of surprises in Rent-A-Pal, which arrives in theaters and On Demand as of Friday, September 11, 2020, thanks to IFC Midnight and Pretty People Pictures. Written, directed and edited by Jon Stevenson, Rent-A-Pal marks ... Read More

Scoob! (Movie Review)

Few cartoon characters have had the enduring legacy of a lovable pup named Scooby-Doo. And if you’re wondering where that snack-loving canine is, well, he’s proving that he is not the weakest link in the animated Family Comedy Scoob!, which arrived on DVD and Digital ... Read More

Harpoon (Movie Review)

Good friends are hard to find. So when three close pals set sail in Rob Grant’s award-winning feature film Harpoon, their three hour tour is guaranteed to be smooth cruising, right? Epic Pictures and DREAD deliver the madness to select theaters October 3rd before unleashing ... Read More