Front Line Assembly

Front Line Assembly – WarMech (Album Review)

Prepare to explore new worlds with WarMech, the soundtrack to Carbon Games’ latest creation and, subsequently, the latest offering from Industrial titans Front Line Assembly, which arrives this Friday, June 22, 2018, thanks to Artoffact Records. Fans already know that, in 1986, after parting ways ... Read More

Delerium – Mythologie (Album Review)

Formed in 1987 as a side project of the influential Industrial music act Front Line Assembly, Delerium are a Canadian mish-mash of New Age and Electronic music with an ever-evolving roster of vocalists. Though the project – spearheaded by Producers and Musicians Bill Leeb and ... Read More

Front Line Assembly – Echoes (Album Review)

When Industrial music emigrated from England abroad in the early 1980s, Germany’s Einstürzende Neubauten and America’s Ministry were among the first to take its sound to new heights, but perhaps the most significant musical act in the 1980s evolution of Industrial was Skinny Puppy from ... Read More