Interview – Vesa Ranta of The Abbey

If you are a fan of Finnish Metal, the name Vesa Ranta is more than likely one which is very familiar. Why? Well, Ranta was the man behind the drum kit for The Northernmost Killers, Sentenced, for sixteen long years. Rising to international recognition thanks ... Read More

Centigrade (Movie Review)

Ah, Norway. Home of gorgeously pristine fjords, exquisite views of the Aurora Borealis, and a breathtaking place to freeze to death. Inspired by real events, Centigrade presents a frozen fight for survival that arrives to select theaters as well as On Demand on Friday, August ... Read More

Frozen II (Movie Review)

Nearly six years have passed since Disney released their global smash hit Frozen in late 2013. An ice-covered musical fairy tale based on a beloved Hans Christian Andersen story, Frozen subverted typical tropes about love and featured some incredible female characters who have now become ... Read More

Interview – Adam Green

The story is similar for all of us – at a young age we have aspirations and big dreams to do something creative, only to tell our high school guidance counsellor who chuckles before deflecting us to something more practical. Often a spirit squasher, some ... Read More

The Dark Below (Movie Review)

Silence is the most powerful scream. Imagine being trapped beneath a frozen lake, knowing that above awaits a sociopath hell-bent on your destruction. The ultimate, sadistic game of cat and mouse awaits when Parade Deck Films brings the Indie Thriller The Dark Below to select theaters ... Read More