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Voodoo Passion art

Voodoo Passion (Blu-Ray Edition Review)

Spanish filmmaker Jesús Franco (Jess Franco) had an extensive career in cinema that spanned nearly six decades. A lifetime of work, putting it all into perspective, it is estimated he made 159 films, and during his peak years, averaged around 9 films per year. Difficult ... Read More

Interview – Charles Band

There is little debate the 1980s were a golden age for Horror films. Monsters, killers, vampires, freaks, zombies, or demons… there was something for everyone lurking around the corner of your local movie theater, or more so, your local video store. Highly memorable, it was ... Read More

Subspecies V: Blood Rise (Movie Review)

Back in the early ’90s direct-to-video Horror films were plentiful. Some were godawful, others perfect for group viewings to share in a good laugh, and others a decent enough quality to build a fanbase. Among the better of this grouping of Horror films was the Subspecies series. ... Read More