Interview – Jon Bernthal

Following a dream is a gift, to make a living off that dream is all gravy. Case in point, Jon Bernthal came to a crossroad in his young life going into college. Unsure of which path to take, he soon saw the light, leading him to ... Read More

Sick Puppies – Fury (Album Review)

Back in 1997, the Alternative Rock band Sick Puppies was formed in Sydney, Australia by high school friends Shimon Moore (lead vocals, guitar) and Emma Anzai (bass guitar, vocals). Defying all odds, they would go on to international Rock success that grew over years of ... Read More

Koji – Fury (Album Review)

There are very few artists who challenge themselves enough to push their development and increase their growth. There are even fewer who are not afraid to be versatile yet still recognizable. American songwriter and activist Koji has done both, managing to stay true to his ... Read More