Gary Holt

Nervosa - Jailbreak album art

Nervosa – Jailbreak (Album Review)

During the early ‘80s Thrash was blossoming into a subgenre of Metal that would eventually dominate the decade. From bands like Metallica to Megadeth, Slayer and Overkill, it was a great time for shredding guitars matched with fast drum beats. Since then, Thrash Metal has ... Read More

Slayer: The Repentless Killogy (Movie Review)

Nowadays it is quite common for a historically influential Heavy Metal band to make a film. You had 2004’s Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, 2008’s Anvil! The Story of Anvil, 2009’s Iron Maiden: Flight 666, and more recently, Mötley Crüe represented in 2019’s The Dirt. ... Read More

Interview – Vincent Castiglia

Art is the fabric that makes up our very being. An emotional release, form, expression, or social statement, art will continue to infinitely define culture. Impassioned American Painter Vincent Castiglia has forged his own path as an artist with pieces of work that explore a ... Read More