Gemma Arterton

Rogue Agent (Movie Review)

It is not uncommon for Spy Thrillers and romance to go hand in hand. Franchise films like James Bond or Mission: Impossible have mashed those two genres together in the minds of audiences. Rogue Agent, a new Spy Thriller from Co-Writers/Directors Declan Lawn and Adam ... Read More

Their Finest (Movie Review)

If there is one thing the British love more than tea, crumpets, and Euro-skepticism, it is looking back fondly on the good old days. Okay, most people in other countries do that, too: but the way Brits get wistful about the 1940s does seem a ... Read More

The Girl with All the Gifts (Movie Review)

In the Horror movie world, subgenre trends come and go. The ’80s was the decade of the Slasher, the ’90s Teen Horror, the 2000s Supernatural, Vampires, and Found-Footage. Which leads to the 2010s, clearly the decade of Zombies. In many ways, all thanks to the commercial ... Read More