Gene Simmons

KISS Cold Gin (Spirits Review)

In many ways the iconic KISS wrote the book on how to successfully market a Rock-n-Roll band. Formed in 1973, KISS rose to become the biggest band in the world by the time they released their 1976 album Destroyer, and it was really more than just ... Read More

Trick Or Treat At 30 – Sammi Curr Lives!

Thirty years ago, when Rock was Rock, the Rock-n-Roll Horror cult classic, Trick Or Treat, was released in theaters. Debuting October 24th of 1986, the film starred Marc Price (Family Ties TV Series, The Rescue 1988), Tony Fields (A Chorus Line 1985, The Doctor 1991), Lisa Orgolini (Stalin 1992, Shining Through 1992), Doug Savant (Teen Wolf 1985, Melrose ... Read More