George Romero

The Cover of Dario Argento Panico

Dario Argento Panico (Documentary Review)

In the world of Horror cinema, the name Dario Argento is one that immediately raises the hair on the necks of fans. One of Italy’s most famous filmmakers, Argento filmography reaches far and wide with titles such as 1975’s Deep Red (Italian: Profondo Rosso), 1977’s Suspiria, and 1980’s Inferno. Known ... Read More

Interview – Patricia Tallman

Almost as if a seed was planted in her soul from birth, Patricia Tallman was destine to be creative. Growing up with television shows such as Star Trek and Dark Shadows, she would later follow her impulse for performing arts, finding success as both an ... Read More

Interview – Tina Romero

To many, George A. Romero is one of the most influential pioneers of the Horror film genre and the father of the zombie film, but to Tina Romero, he is more, he is dad. The only daughter of the late great filmmaker, Tina grew up ... Read More

Interview – Scott H. Reiniger

Back in the mid ’70s, George A. Romero envisioned the foundation plot for Dawn of the Dead. Officially released overseas in 1978, it would become one of his most iconic films ever, creating images of horror with subtly interjected satire, acting as a commentary on our ... Read More

Interview – John A. Russo

The art of storytelling is something that has followed us throughout history while always challenging the imagination to think outside the box. In the world of Horror, there have been a bundle of stories which has captured the imagine ranging from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to ... Read More