Gerard Butler

Greenland (Movie Review)

Gerard Butler stars in the extinction-level event that is Greenland, which arrived to On Demand on Friday, December 18, 2020, thanks to STX Films. In a time when the idea of an interstellar comet extinguishing the entire human race seems like a very plausible and ... Read More

The Vanishing (Movie Review)

Despite the title, The Vanishing has nothing to do with the 1988 Dutch Horror classic. Nor is it an attempt to fix what its infamous 1993 remake got wrong. Instead, 2019’s The Vanishing, released in theaters and on VOD by Saban Films as of Friday, ... Read More

Gods of Egypt (Movie Review)

Legendary Director Georges Melies pioneered the Fantasy film with 1902’s A Trip to the Moon, inspired by the Jules Verne’s novel, From the Earth to the Moon, to look beyond our earthly realm. To achieve the special effects, Melies used a technique called substitution splicing ... Read More