Vlad in Tears - Relapse album

Vlad in Tears – Relapse (Album Review)

The categorization of Gothic Metal is quite a broad one that can range all the way from the work of England’s Paradise Lost to Finland’s H.I.M.  Two vastly different entities, to simplify matters, let us just say – to most, Gothic Metal falls somewhere between ... Read More
Lucifer V album artwork

Lucifer – Lucifer V (Album Review)

The road traveled by Rock-n-Roll bands is almost never straight and narrow. An interaction of varying personalities, some bands work, and others sever ties due to conflicts. Fortunately for Johanna Sadonis (now Johanna Platow Andersson after marrying Nicke Andersson) several now defunct musical projects were ... Read More
Emil Bulls - Love Will Fix It artwork

Emil Bulls – Love Will Fix It (Album Review)

Established nearly three decades now, Germany’s Emil Bulls has gone through several stylistic shifts through the years. Always known for their unique blend of Alternative Metal and Rock, in 2024 they are excited to offer yet another twist in their story with the forthcoming album Love ... Read More