Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary (Movie Review)

Whether one believes in ghosts or not, those ghost-hunting TV shows can be annoying. One goes in hoping there would be something more to it, or at least something approaching 1984’s Ghostbusters or even Scooby-Doo. Instead, one gets multiple night-vision shots of people yelling at ... Read More

Master of Dark Shadows (Documentary Review)

Soap Operas can come in many shapes and sizes and differ from culture to culture. British ones like Eastenders or Coronation Street will try to take themselves seriously for a few weeks before going back to the cheese. While Telemundo telenovelas boil down Soaps to ... Read More

The Dark Tapes (Movie Review)

There are some things in this world which are not meant to be known to everyone or seen by everyone, things so dark that the effects of watching such disturbing phenomenon could actually generate an inexplicable change within the viewer. The Dark Tapes truly possesses ... Read More